Horizontal or vertical widget offset

Besides choosing the widget position in your settings, it is possible to define a vertical or horizontal offset for your widget by using our Widget JavaScript API.
You can do this by setting the extraOffsetX and extraOffsetY on the window.Trengo object.
Only absolute CSS values are a valid value.

window.Trengo = window.Trengo || {};
window.Trengo.key = '{key}';

// define the extra offset
window.Trengo.extraOffsetX = '12px';
window.Trengo.extraOffsetY = '1rem';

(function(d, script, t) {
  script = d.createElement('script');
  script.type = 'text/javascript';
  script.async = true;
  script.src = '';

Disable GIF picker

Disable the GIF picker in the website widget.

window.Trengo.gifPicker = false;

Disable the emoji picker

Disable the emoji picker in the website widget.

window.Trengo.emojiPicker = false;

Disable the file picker

Disable the file (attachment) picker in the website widget.

window.Trengo.filePicker = false;

Hide the widget header

In case you have embedded the website widget in your own app, you may want to hide the website widget header to run the widget in a 'headless' mode. By hiding the header you also hide the company name, the chat agent and the close icon.

window.Trengo.panelHeader = false;

Hide the online status in the launcher

By disabling the online status in the launcher you hide the green status indicator.

window.Trengo.launcherOnlineStatus = false;