Call various Trengo methods to execute one of the actions specified below. All methods live on the window.Trengo.Api.Widget object.

Open the widget

Use this method to open the Trengo widget. You need to specify the channel type as the default tab.'[CHANNEL_TYPE]');

// For example:
window.Trengo.on_ready = function() {'chat');

Available channel types are: chat, email, facebook, twitter, sms, voice, help_center, whatsapp.

Close the widget

Close / collapse the Trengo widget.


Check if the vistor is chatting

Returns true or false


Programmatically render the widget

Only works when window.Trengo.render is set to false.

window.Trengo.render = false;

setTimeout(function() {
}, 2500);

Notify the Greeter about a new page URL

When using Trengo within a single page application, you need to trigger the greeting mechanism when the page URL is updated.